These timeless chocolate filled postcards from the UK's most stunning locations are perfect gifts for chocolate lovers, a souvenir edible product that fills the gap between artisan and mass produced chocolate providing an instantly recognisable chocolate postcard bar in the style of the vintage posters of the 1940’s. Hand crafted in Wales the unique product captures a sense of place and great taste.

The bars work equally well as a gift item or an indulgent treat with striking designs that would be well placed on a wall as in a confectionery counter.

Quality printed sleeves from around the UK with a luxury milk chocolate inside, these bars will go in the post (large letter stamp required).  In a digital age, these are gifts that keep giving.  Receiving a postcard with a personal message is a wonderful treat, but then discovering a chocolate bar inside just makes your day.

Our postcard chocolate bars have travel around the world as far as Australia and the Middle East.  Great gifts if you want to remind someone of home, or simple let them know where you have been.